Red Silk & Gold Felt Triangle Scarf

Red Silk & Gold Felt Triangle Scarf
  • £20.00

Red shimmer feather-light silk triangular scarf, with gold colour felt circles and a line of felt running along the top edge of the scarf and extending beyond the silk, handmade in Kyrgyzstan and supports local communities.

A great summer weight scarf that can spice up any outfit and is worn by tucking the felt that extends runs along the top edge and extends beyond the silk into the circular hole, edge by felt, at the opposite end of the scarf.

Mirror the circles on the scarf with your jewellery, and choose something precious from our Amuleto collection.

The scarf is triangular and measures 110 x 105 x 61cm, with the felt extending for 35cm beyond the end of the scarf.

Each scarf is lovingly handmade, and therefore each is totally unique and has natural variations, but it is these imperfections that make it perfect!

Comes presented in a gift box and wrapped in beautiful hand made paper, all our packaging is recycled and/or biodegradable.

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