The making of the scarves

For the nomadic tribes of Kyrgyzstan the tradition of felt making has been handed down for generations. Wool gathered from the nomads sheep was used to make the yurts they lived in to the clothes they wore. Our scarves bring this ancient technique into the 21st century by combining it with silk, to create a uniquely beautiful product. It takes 8 hours and here's how its done:

1: The wool and felt are both dyed using eco-friendly dyeing methods 

2: Un-spun wool is laid out piece by piece vertically and then horizontally on a rush matt


3: The wool is dampened and rolled for 5-10 minutes to compress the wool into felt

4: The felt is cut into strips to create the designs

5: The wet silk is laid out onto specialist flooring

6: The felt design is laid out on the silk 


7: A layer of dense fabric is laid over the top and rolled around a tube, which is the rolled under foot for 20-30 minutes to fuse the felt fibres with the silk

8: The whole thing is then re-rolled tighter and this is then rolled by hand for a further 20-30 minutes

9: The scarf is then hung to dry, packaged up and sent to us here in London! 

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