About Us

‘Sujuu’ means ‘love’ in the Kyrgyz language, and this is the foundation of the company ethos. At SUJUU we believe that beauty shouldn’t be achieved at the expense of others. We therefore maintain high ethical standards; whether that be supporting silversmiths in South Africa, or communities in the Tien Chan Mountains!

We believe in sharing the ‘SUJUU’!

Meet the Founder
SUJUU’s founder, Faye Coulson, has travelled extensively from a young age, which has not only allowed her to develop a unique eye for design, but also experience the impact socially responsible projects can have on a community. Faye graduated University (twice!) with degrees in Zoology and Law, but when planning a career and applying for jobs she was put in contact with artisans in Kyrgyzstan, a country she had previously called home, and SUJUU was born.
Our Scarves
The scarves are a combination of feather-light silk and hand-fused felt and are made by women in local communities. The silk is locally woven by traditional artisans and the felt is made from merino wool sourced directly from the sheep farmers in Issyk Kul. The dyes used are 100% natural and dyeing is done by the women who make the scarves.
SUJUU is totally artisan-centric; all our artisans have a safe working environment and we work closely with our women in Kyrgyzstan to establish a pricing structure that not only covers all costs of manufacture, but also allows them to be able to comfortably support their family and invest in their future, because if they’re happy, then so are we!
The Kyrgyz republic has sought to re-establish its cultural identity following independence from Russia in 1991. The Kyrgyz people would traditionally live in yurts, so part of that heritage is the tradition of felt making, which was important in their nomadic lifestyle. SUJUU works with local artisans to bring the beauty and skill of this art to the 21st century. This therefore increases demand, which not only supports families in Kyrgyzstan and funds the training of apprentice felt-makers, but also safeguards the skill for future generations.

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