• Creating a collection; Story of A/W's 'Alatoo'

    In Kyrgyzstan the Alatoo mountains are said to be the backbone of the world, with over 70% of the country being mountainous and this impressive range running straight down the middle, it's easy to see why!

    Alatoo Mountains - February 2015

     Alatoo Mountains - February 1997

    These grand spectacles of geology have shaped the Kyrgyz culture. Traditionally nomadic herds people the wool from their sheep would not only provide clothing in the winter months, but also their round houses, 'Yurts'.

    All the felted textiles would contain traditional symbols to tell stories. A key aim of Sujuu is to preserve the heritage of this beautiful country and therefore we mirror these symbols in all our designs. This collection explores the idea of our connection to the world, inspired by a folk law poem that reminds us wherever the journey of life takes us we must remain grounded and "keep the spirit of the mountain and lake". 


    A little peak into my 'ideas' sketch book

    See the whole collection here

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