• Traditional Dinner at Supara

    I was whisked away by Nurjamal, Aidai and Aigerim to a mysterious location for dinner. Where we ended up was Supara, a collection of traditional Yurts and stones houses nestled in the foothills of the Tian Chan Mountains. I was taken to the stone house in which we were to eat that evening, called the 'Grape House' as it's beautifully decorated with hand-crafted felt vines made by the women from the cooperative.

    It's tradition to wash your hands before dinner and this was done by pouring water from a jug, we then took off our shoes and sat around a low table for tea and kumis (this is fermented mares milk which tastes far better than it sound's; the only way I can think to describe it is slightly alcoholic yoghurt?!)

    Before our main course we headed off to explore the rest of Supara, which boasts Central Asia's biggest Yurt (along with some fairly sizeable thrones!)

    And is also home to some impressive felt art, this one depicting a yurt (there's a theme appearing here..)

    Then Aigerim and I worked up an appetite on a Kyrgyz swing before heading back to Grape House for dinner.

    Our delicious traditional dinner of Bishbarmak (translating into five fingers) ended in the way all good meals do, with a selfie! 

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