• Day 1 in Kyrgyzstan - At the Studio

    My first full day in Bishkek I headed out to our studio, just outside town. It was wonderful to spend some time with the artisans, particularly Nurjamal, who has turned into my pen pal with our emails flying to and fro over land and sea!

    The scarves are made by a cooperative of 17 artisans, some are family, some are friends and some have met through their love of felting and a shared dedication to revive ancient traditions and techniques.

    The studio buzzes with enthusiasm and the bond between the ladies is clear! It’s great to be part of a group of wonderful women!

    The artisans are passionate about the future of their artisanal crafts and are currently training an intern, this is Kerimbu, who is quickly developing the skills of her mentors.

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