• Fashion Revolution Day 2015

    Today marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza Disaster in Bangladesh, in which 1133 people were killed, 2500 injured, and 800 children left orphaned. That’s a pretty big price to pay for some cheap clothing.  The Fashion Revolution is movement calling for brands to clean up their act, be open and honest about the manufacture of their clothes, and stop these unethical practices.
    We're proud to know that our scarves are not touched by anyone other than our incredible women artisans who work together in a supportive environment to create our unique collections. We’re onboard with the fashion revolution, and you can be too! 


    Did you know that 1/3 of bananas are fair-trade because consumers demanded it? You have the power to be a force of change in the industry. Be Curious. Find Out. Do Something.


    Ask #WhoMadeMyClothes and follow the hashtag here.

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